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Belted Square Jumpsuit - Lilac

Belted Square Jumpsuit - Lilac

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This thing is a big square with two belt slits in the front. The belt is worn on the inside of the Square, going around your back and coming out the front loops for a front tie or put it through the front and tie in the back.

She sounds confusing, but you’ll figure it out and it will be your most favourite suit ever!

100% sturdy cotton. She’s meant to create some DRAMA and hold fun shapes!

Size ZERO - is good for people under 5’5! fits up to about a size 12. Bleach blonde is wearing zero and is a size 10ish 5’4. If you’re over 5’5 you’re gonna head into flood pant territory!

Size ONE - fits up to a 16 ish. I am wearing a size one in the lilac colour. I am a size 12/14 and 5’11.

Size TWO - fits up to a 28ish. I am wearing it in the photo for volume and length. I love a lot of fabric!

Choose your own adventure.

Wash cold / hang dry.

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