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Blanket Jacket - Leopard

Blanket Jacket - Leopard

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A big, warm, soft blanket with arms!

Perfect as a jacket, a dress, a shirt or a blanket!

Three sizes.

The blanket is a square with sleeves. Although someone up to like a size 18 could technically do up a size 0 it will be restrictive and short in arms.

0 - BIG (good for the petite humans, it’s a big blanket but like not soooo overwhelming. Good for people under 5’3 / under a size 12. If you’re tall and skinny take size 1, arms will be short on this guy!)

1 - BIGGER (pretty easy fit for most people! Good up to a size 20 ish)

2 - BIGGEST (perfect for tall ones and plus size babes up to about a size 30)

Model with dark hair is wearing size 1 in most photos, she’s a size 14 and is 5’11. She wears size 2 in winter photos. Bigger the better!

95% polyester / 5% wool with super soft, vibrant yellow lining.

Wash cold and hang dry or Dry Clean

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